phil with lobster

Lobster FAQ

How long will lobsters live out of water?

You must keep the lobster moist and cool. The lobster’s core temperature needs to stay below 50 degrees F and its’ gills have to stay moist for respiration. Good to go for 24 hours.

How long does it take a lobster to grow to one pound (min legal size)?

About 5-7 years depending on the water temperature and food availability. Lobsters start as 1 mm diameter eggs, are hatched and stay floating for a one month larval period before gaining enough weight to begin life on the bottom as 1” long baby lobsters.

What happens if the lobster is dead when I go to cook it?

First, smell it; it should not have any odor. Next, cook it and if the meat texture is firm (not mushy) and the meat color is white, your lobster was probably just resting (sometimes known as a sleeper).

How long should I cook them?

Bring the water to a boil, no need salt, add lobster: 8 minutes for a 1 lb. size, 10 minutes for a 1.5 lb. size and 12 minutes for a 2 lb. size. The ideal result is firm but still moist flesh.

Isn’t the meat in a large lobster (larger than 3 lb. size) tough?

It depends upon who is cooking them. The tail and claws cook at different rates because claw shells are thick and the underneath tail membrane is thin. Cook the whole lobster to proper tail doneness then remove the whole lobster from the cook pot, twist off the claws and boil the claws only for an additional 5 minutes. Voila – perfection.

Will Maine lobsters live in Hawaii?

Hawaii has Spiny lobsters – lobsters without claws. The Hawaiian near shore ocean temperature is too warm an environment for Maine lobsters to live comfortably and compete successfully. In the wild the temperature regime allows them only as far south as Carolina.

How can you tell males from females?

Come see us and we’ll show you.